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Momentum Mastermind


Growing & multiplying profitable businesses for the kingdom of God


To Educate, Inspire and Empower individuals across the freedom movement to build and grow kingdom businesses.


Momentum will journey with those who are starting up and stewarding businesses, who want to sharpen their skills. We will share proven strategies that will help create, sustain and build profitable kingdom businesses.

Image by David Iskander

Bringing together local kingdom business leaders for 3 strategic events, including one residential gathering. Alongside an in-depth, structured teaching series for experienced business leaders, we will share our personal experiences, knowledge and learning in order to equip, transform and encourage. Taking hold of that for which god has taken hold of us as we pursue the hundredfold harvest for the kingdom.

Who: UK-only established businesses

Where: UK location

Commitment: 3 events over a year, including overnight stay

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Momentum Global

Momentum Global

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